Jennifer ``Gata`` Kolhouse

Dance Instructor

Gata is a certified Axé Capoeira dance instructor and costume designer. Her connection to dance goes back to early childhood. From age 3 to 16 she has been training and competing in Dancesport in both International Standard and Latin styles, also exploring classical ballet and modern dance aspects.

In 2012,  she began training with renowned Afro-Brazilian dance instructor, actress, and Rio De Janeiro Carnaval celebrity, Dill Costa. Shortly after, Gata joined Axé Capoeira Chicago and immediately fell in love with the group’s training style and opportunity not only train the martial art, but also learn Brazilian culture through dance and music.

In March 2015, Gata received her dance instructor certificate after teacher training intensive course with Aurinha De Jesus, Head Dance Professor and Worldwide Choreographer of Grupo Axé Capoeira. Gata is excited to share her creativity and passion with her students through all aspects of dance training – artistry, fitness, choreography, and expression.


Melvyn ``ET`` Diaz

Assistant Instructor

One of Professor Bambu’s first students at Purdue University, ET started training capoeira in 2003. In 2004, when Professor Bambu moved to Chicago, ET followed in order to continue his capoeira training. ET has traveled all over North America to participate in workshops and performances lead by world renowned Professors and Mestres. ET is Professor Bambu’s longest tenured student and currently teaches beginner capoeira class as well as teaches most classes when Professor Bambu is traveling the world for events.n.