Leader of Axé Capoeira Chicago

Contra Mestre Bambu

Leader of Axé Capoeira Chicago

Contra-Mestre Bambu has trained Capoeira with Mestre Barrão since 1998. Bambu began training Capoeira with a small group on the Indiana University campus. Shortly after, he met Mestre Barrão at a capoeira encounter.During the event, Mestre Barrão accepted Bambu and his friends into Grupo Axé Capoeira.

From 1998-2004, Bambu taught in various cities in Indiana. During this time, he attended every capoeira event he could to spend time training with his Mestre. In 2004, Bambu moved to Chicago hoping to develop his academy and train capoeiristas versed in all aspects. In 2009, Bambu realized his dream by opening his own capoeira academy.

Today, Contra Mestre Bambu teaches and trains all over the world. in 2018, he was graduated to the status of Contra Mestre. Great names of capoeira like,Mestre Mão Branca, Mestre Paulão Ceara, Mestre Ousado, and more witnessed and confirmed his recent formatura (graduation) to Contra Mestre status. He is one of the most respected American born capoeiristas in the world. He continues to strive to better his teaching, himself, and all students of Capoeira regardless of their group.



Jennifer ``Gata`` Kolhouse

Dance Instructor

Jennifer Kolhouse, “Gata”, is an entertainment director of Axé Capoeira Chicago. She is a professional dancer and leader of our Brazilian performance group. Jennifer is also the founder and creative designer of MoDança Dance Apparel Company, which provides the most authentic custom made outfits for our group.

Jennifer has been dancing since she was 3 years old, training ballroom style dancing through her teenage years. When she joined Axé Capoeira Chicago she started research on Brazilian culture. She traveled to Rio de Janeiro multiple times to perform in Carnaval with famous samba schools Estácio de Sá and Mocidade Indepedente de Padre Miguel and learn about Carnaval culture from the best show-makers in the world.

By continually training with Brazil’s most well-known dance schools and instructors, Jennifer brings the best of Afro-Brazilian dance to our community, teaching various dance styles from the North East of Brazil as well as Rio style samba.

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