Have been going to Axe Capoeira a few months now, with having zero experience in capoeira other than what I’ve seen in the media. My first class I didn’t know what to expect. There is truly a sense of energy and camaraderie at the establishment. As with all things new, it may seem all very new and overwhelming your first class but Mestre Bambu is a patient instructor that is able to work with the level of the individual and introduce you to new concepts. After a few classes your body (and mind) will start to get a grasp of how to move and why you are doing what you are doing. I have also brought a few friends/family members to come try a class and everyone conforms to the same thing: that it’s a GREAT workout, completely a unique experience than what most people are used to, and a blast! I 100% recommend for everyone to support this establishment as it is not only a great workout or physical activity, but Mestre Bambu has dedicated his life to spreading capoeira as an art form and tradition to our city and I think that is priceless.