Youth Capoeira

Axé Capoeira Academy

Attention: Empty classes are automatically canceled 2 hours before the scheduled start time. Make sure to pre-register if you plan to attend a class.

Axé Capoeira Chicagoland Headquarters

In Youth Capoeira, students learn flashy kicks, dodges, and acrobatic movements. Beyond that, we teach how to sing and play capoeira music on traditional instruments and the rich history of capoeira and its journey from slavery to Brazil’s national sport.

Our youth classes emphasize building discipline, respect, leadership, and focus in a fun and energetic environment.

Youth Capoeira classes are currently available 3 days a week for ages 5-13 and all skill levels. Please check the class description to make sure the class is right for you. Currently accepting new students for all programs with no hassles:

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