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Grupo Axé Capoeira


  • I had an amazing time!  Contramestre Bambu (forgive if the apelido spelling is incorrect) worked with me seamlessly while working with other students who were more advanced. Though I have done capoeira before he was gracious in acknowledging that but gently correcting learned mistake that I was making.  Though I am starting over again, I did not feel singled out during the class.  I felt supported at the level that I was in and given next steps on how to improve.  I will definitely return and will be a regular student at Axe Capoeira!

    Jeanetta S.
  • Have been going to Axe Capoeira a few months now, with having zero experience in capoeira other than what I’ve seen in the media. My first class I didn’t know what to expect. There is truly a sense of energy and camaraderie at the establishment. As with all things new, it may seem all very new and overwhelming your first class but Mestre Bambu is a patient instructor that is able to work with the level of the individual and introduce you to new concepts. After a few classes your body (and mind) will start to get a grasp of how to move and why you are doing what you are doing. I have also brought a few friends/family members to come try a class and everyone conforms to the same thing: that it’s a GREAT workout, completely a unique experience than what most people are used to, and a blast! I 100% recommend for everyone to support this establishment as it is not only a great workout or physical activity, but Mestre Bambu has dedicated his life to spreading capoeira as an art form and tradition to our city and I think that is priceless.

    Grupo Axé Capoeira
    Justic C.
  • Went to my first class with some friends yesterday! It was a class of both beginners and experienced students, but we all felt super welcomed and the instructor tailored things to our skill level (or lack thereof). Will be taking another class this week!

    Grupo Axé Capoeira
    Noelle D.
  • I had been out of capoeira for several years due to injuries and such. I chose to return this year for the first time into an all skill levels class and was a bit apprehensive about not having the conditioning or flexibility to keep up. I had an excellent experience. I did not at all feel judged and got plenty of individual attention as well as encouragement from fellow students and the contramestre as well. I’m greatly looking forward to re-joining this community and sharpening my skills with this group. Can’t wait for the next class! read more

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BEFORE YOU ARRIVE Maximum class attendance 6 students per class. Spots will be available on first come first serve. Online registration will be available and recommended thru Wellness Living We WILL NOT exceed our max attendance, no exceptions. Students will be turned away after class reaches capacity. Online registration will take priority over walk-ins. Cancel…