Who We Are

Grupo Axé Capoeira has been sharing the rich traditions and flair of Afro-Brazilian culture worldwide since 1982 and in the Greater Chicago Area for over 15 years. We travel anywhere in the greater Chicagoland area and beyond. We have performed as far north as Marquette, MI, and as far south as Bloomington, IN. Axé Capoeira Chicago adds excitement and enthusiasm to any event with colorful costumes, beautiful dances, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, and amazing acrobatics. Axé Capoeira Chicago only performs to live music that we provide and is included in every performance. Every performance is unique and pricing will vary from event to event. Pricing depends on several factors; duration, distance, number of performers, etc. We can and will adapt the performance to fit your specific event request while staying within your budget.

What We Do

  • Weddings
    • Dinner Receptions
    • Ceremonies
  • Film Promotions
    • The Karate Kid
    • Rio
  • Corporate Events
    • Macy’s
    • Carnivale
    • Six Flags
    • Unilever
    • Pepsi
  • University Cultural Events
    • Columbia College
    • DePaul University
    • Northwestern University
    • Northern Illinois University (NIU)
    • The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)
    • Western Illinois University
    • Northeastern Illinois University
    • Lake Forest College
    • Purdue University
    • Indiana University
  • and more…

Show Inquiry

Performance Elements


Capoeira (cap-o-ay-ra) is a unique, interdisciplinary Brazilian art form combining acrobatics, dance, martial arts and passionate Afro-Brazilian music. The performance will contain capoeira solos and duplas (pairs) done within and capoeira roda (ring) which will delight audiences with their dazzling movements


Maracatu is a parade style performance with a drumming group and a coterie of dancers and stock characters including the king and queen. Dancers and stock characters dress and behave to imitate the Portuguese royal court of the Baroque period. The performance also enacts pre-colonial African traditions, like parading the calunga, a doll representing tribal deities and Orixas – traditional Afro-Brazilian goddesses. Traditionally seen during Carnaval in Pernambuco, northeast Brazil, it’s one of the most colorful and elaborate performances.

Coco de Roda

Coco De Roda (Cocoo-dee-hoda) is a typical dance from the coastal regions of northeastern Brazil. Coco music has a strong African and Native Brazilian Indian influence and is performed with a series of percussion instruments. Coco rhythm is based on the sounds of breaking coconuts, and later evolved as it’s own music style. The choreography of the dance is based on joyous stomping and spins. The performers wear colorful skirts and beach hats.


​Samba (sahm-bah) is one of the most popular and well-known dances from Brazil. The Samba music rhythm has been danced in Brazil since its inception in the late 19th century. Featuring a highly contagious rhythm, samba is usually seen during Carnaval and Mardi Gras celebrations around the world, featuring dancers wearing state-of-the-art costumes, decorated with feathers and rhinestones.

Dança dos Orixás

Traditional folkloric dance of deities from a syncretic religion – candomble, originated among enslaved Africans in Brazil. Orixas are synthesized with catholic saints, but also believed to be patrons of different forces of nature and have their own characteristics as well as dance and music styles. Axe Chicago’s Danca dos Orixas features two most expressive dances of Oxum and Iansã as a tribute to the folkloric roots of Afro-Brazilian culture.


Maculelê (mah-coo-leh-leh) is an Afro-Brazilian dance created as a game by African slaves on the sugarcane plantations in northeastern Brazil. The slaves would play maculelê with the machetes used to cut sugarcane to vent their anger and frustration. Later, it evolved to a form of expressive dance with athletic moves, where performers strike wooden sticks and/or machetes to the drumbeat.

Capoeira and Dance Workshops

We offer capoeira and dance workshops for introductory, beginner, or advanced students. Our workshops are great for corporate events and team-building exercises. They will be suited for the skill level of the group. For any information on performances or workshops please fill out the show inquiry above and describe the type of event requested in as much detail as possible.