Private Lessons

Iansã (Oya) and Oxúm (Oshun)

Personalized training available for Capoeira, Self-Defense, Samba, Music, Acrobatics, Fitness, and Weight Training

Private Sessions

From $50 per Session

Private Session will be in a one on one environment between the teacher and student. Private sessions are great to get the extra attention to detail that you can’t get in a regular class as we fine-tune your known techniques or focus on a new one. Sessions will be personalized to the goals of the individual and scheduled directly with the teacher.

Small Group Sessions

From $35 per Session per Person

Small-Group Training Sessions will be for groups of 2-4 students with one teacher. Small group training is great to get the personalized attention of a private session in a small group atmosphere. I deal if you’d like to keep training but also like to keep your circle of contact small. Sessions are scheduled between the students and the teacher and training will incorporate more interpersonal training.